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“Good Morning,” said Deep Thought at last. “Er..good morning, O Deep Thought” said Loonquawl nervously, “do you have…er, that is…” “An Answer for you?” interrupted Deep Thought majestically. “Yes, I have.” The two men shivered with expectancy. Their waiting had not been in vain. “There really is one?” breathed Phouchg. “There really is one,” confirmed […]

  Had another successful day adding to the various collections earlier in the week, particularly the Penguins.  I managed to pick up copies of ‘An Introduction to Modern Architecture’ by J M Richards, (a newer version than the one I already have), ‘The Time Machine‘ by H G Wells, ‘The Day of the Triffids‘ by John Wyndham, (yes […]

Probably appropriate given the last post. After a less than tremendous afternoon at the dentist I stopped in at the charity shop located near by and bought ‘See How It’s Made – The loaf of bread’ to add to my ever increasing collection of illustrated children’s books. This latest addition was published in 1974 by […]

As a collector of far too many things, Roo Reynolds’ recent excellent blog post on collecting explains an awful lot. I’ve never really considered why I collect what I collect because I think that travelling down roads such as those is probably a dangerous business and to be honest I don’t need any additional help in the […]

Clay Pipe Music is a record label, (is that what we still call them?), run by the illustrator Frances Castle to allow her to “release the music she loves – and indulge her passion for design and illustration”, and although that sounds like a reasonably straightforward idea I’ve rarely seen it delivered so successfully. I […]

Some time ago the BBC announced that they had decided to name a wing of Broadcasting House after John Peel. His erstwhile colleague at Radio 1, Andy Kershaw, responded thus : “This is breathtaking hypocrisy and self-serving bogus sentimentality. It is also, to some extent, guilt-driven. Radio 1 was marginalising John just before his death. […]