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Well forty years ago today Mr Daniel Weir made his first appearance. According to The Guardian the main stories of that day included promises by Prime Minister Heath on action on “cars for haemophiliacs”, (no I don’t either), and concerns regarding the use of nudity in an advertising campaign advising people to wash regularly, (yes […]

I’m always slightly appalled by the Guardian Travel Writing Competition because of the fact that the prize winning pieces usually spend much of their given time attempting to outdo others with increasingly obscure and esoteric locations, (and no it’s not because I’ve entered and never won – how could you think that ?). So it’s […]

When people ask me why I blog I tend to refer them my inability to recall events from the distant, (and disappointingly not very distant), past. So the assertion that “the gathering of data is how people stay in the game” at Interesting North, (more of which later), this past weekend has supplied me with […]

A quieter evening here in the flatlands, which is good – I mean I’m all for celebrating the plans of Guido et al however does it have to be the gunpowder we celebrate rather than the plot ?

The mighty Edward Ross has appeared here on a number of occasions, initially with his involvement in the #100 days project, then for his film theory comics Filmish #1 and #2, and most recently with the short comic Parasites. So it’s good to see his work for the #100 days project collected together in “One […]