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I’m always surprised by the number of places, (locally speaking), that I’ve passed through but never investigated further, (which is one of the reasons for this). So it was good to actually stop somewhere I’ve never stopped before whilst on my travels yesterday, namely the town of Thetford. Thetford doesn’t get a terribly good press […]

I’ve already blathered on before on this blog about the mighty John Peel – for reference purposes here : “John Peel Was A Hell Of A Man”, here : “I Wish I Was A Fighting Man” and here : “It’s The Place That I Love The Best”, so this time I’ll stick with some music eh […]



More colour, this time naturally occurring in the grounds of Weir household.

Swell Maps


After the somewhat austere New Movement In Cities below I thought I’d re-introduce some colour and some locality to the proceedings with this lovely map produced by Blakes (Norfolk Broads Holidays) Ltd. that I picked up at the weekend. Do these type of maps exist anymore ? Or are we cursed to live with a […]

A Novel Idea


On the last day of November I’ll reach the seemingly significant age of forty, (email me for details regarding where to send flowers etc). As it happens I quite like birthdays and thankfully I’m not someone overly concerned with the passing of time, (well no more than most). However given the respective dates involved details […]

Not many purchases to speak of during my recent, (and regular), trawls around the local charity shops, however I was really pleased to pick up a copy of New Movement In Cities by Brian Richards last week. To be honest I had no idea of Mr Brian Richard’s status or indeed the fact that during […]

Today is National Poetry Day, a day to celebrate poetry across the UK – and this year’s theme, (because hey we all need a theme), is home. As it happens I do like a bit of poetry so it’s good to be reminded that it’s sat their on the shelf waiting to be read. To […]