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No Good Advice


Advice is always best ignored however the people at GoodFuckingDesignAdvice do provide some worthwhile ideas and not just with regard to design.

It’s raining again. Although we were both happy to wander down to the beach during a break in the rain and then return to spend a lazy day watching the weather ebb and flow. There probably are better ways to spend a day than this but at the moment I can’t think of anywhere else […]

I wasn’t really expecting much of Plymouth. Obviously Plymouth is steeped in all things maritime but I’ve never had any nautical leanings, I blame Simon Le Bon and his pastel suited cohorts putting Thatcherism to music via their tribute to an unfortunate young lady called Rio. However I was really impressed. Other than the obvious […]

We didn’t really plan today because we assumed the weather would be as suggested and thus be pretty dismal, however despite the forecasters protestations it improved no end. We started of in Dartmouth, admittedly in the rain and after a somewhat cursory wander round, (albeit with a quick hello to the inventor of pre-formed poured-concrete houses), we […]

An almost perfect day weather wise – if you like that kind of thing, I don’t normally but can excuse them occasionally. So Mr & Mrs Weir and I decided to take a stroll to Start Point Lighthouse which given that I’m not overly fond of heights or strenuous exercise was perhaps a little foolish. That said the once […]

Awake with the sun again. Today we decided to brave the highways of South Devon and initial indications seemed promising. However almost as soon as we settled into the luxuriant comforts of two way traffic we were returned to the single lane roller-coaster ride cut deep into the ground. The positives of this kind of travelling, (if […]

Awake at 5.45am to find the wind howling and the rain hammering down – yesterday morning we left an officially designated drought zone. I never know whether to be impressed or concerned when the weather resorts to sarcasm.

When we visited D********d P***s earlier in the year we sat and watched a car stunt show in which people involved in said world carried out a number of high octane performances, before replaying them but this time so all could see how the various tricks of the trade were deployed. During the performance one […]

Maps again, albeit a travel guide with a map. This time I’m cruising on the Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal between Autherley Junction to Stourport-on-Seven. If you’re interested in joining me then you can get your copy from British Waterways for the very reasonable price of two shillings. And no I don’t know why the idyllic […]