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Given that I missed the rising of the summer solstice sun last year (in my defence I did catch it setting) I rose at 4am on Friday morning and drove the short distance to Ongar Hill – in order to allow me an uninterrupted view due East – and made amends. Despite the effort required […]

Normal Service


Normal service will resume shortly.

Me Again


It’s been a while eh? Have been struggling to be inspired and upbeat in the last couple of months – a variety of factors, most of which I have little or no control over. That said I do have (some) control over how I respond, so I’m back here to attempt to continue to accentuate […]

Many years ago I made a decision that I’ve never regretted, not for a moment. It would have been nice in the subsequent years to have made another but one is more than enough. And as I’m not nearly as poetic as I’d like to be I’ll toast that decision with some words from the […]

Today is Thursday. Not the most astounding of assertions but after a hazy fortnight at least it’s me making it.

Plus Ca Change


I’ve decided against recapping on two thousand and twelve to any great extent because I don’t need any further excuses to gaze at my navel – however attractive that navel may be. I am working on something to collect the various ramblings from here over the last year into one place, however I’ll tell you more about that if […]

Clay Pipe Music is a record label, (is that what we still call them?), run by the illustrator Frances Castle to allow her to “release the music she loves – and indulge her passion for design and illustration”, and although that sounds like a reasonably straightforward idea I’ve rarely seen it delivered so successfully. I […]