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It’s been an odd start to the year, not a bad start just an odd one. So it’s been useful to have a variety of props available to help ease the all embracing gloom that is January. Props including these unassuming practical action stickers from Alyson Fielding, which she’s made because it’s often “easy to feel overwhelmed” […]

Today is Delia Derbyshire Day – a day to the celebrate “the late great Delia Derbyshire (1937-2001) – a pioneer of electronic music in England in the 1960’s”. Delia was born in England in the 1930s and after successfully completing a degree in mathematics and music at Cambridge she sought work with Decca records, where […]

2015 is a year that I’m happy to wave goodbye to. At the start of the year I posted the following and then failed to take any notice of what I’d written. So for the sake of my mental health I’m returning to the plan albeit without being any more convinced that I’ll stick to it second time around. […]

Slow Motion


Given that we’re led to believe that the majority of television comes into existence through a war of attrition, it’s reassuring that programmes such as last night’s Dawn Chorus: The Sounds of Spring make it all the way through to broadcast. Shown as part of a short season of programmes praising the dawdle over the sprint, Dawn Chorus […]

Enjoy Yourself


If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch Marvellous, “the inspirational and incredible true story of Neil Baldwin”, I’d suggest you head over to the BBC iPlayer sharpish, because you’re unlikely to be anything other than delighted by it. The following exchange, that happens about two thirds of the way through the film, that sees Lou Macari […]

Given that today is (not) Black Friday, what better way to celebrate one of the most depressingly avaricious days of the year by purchasing a copy of Asbury & Asbury’s wonderful Perpetual Disappointments Diary, where every day is a Blue Monday.