What You Reading For?


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As you’ll probably be aware if you’ve visited these environs before now, I’m a collector of Ladybird Books.

In a previous post (from December 2013) about the first Ladybird Book I owned, I noted that since being presented with it (from the play-school I was leaving at the time, circa 1975) I’d “added to the collection” and at the last count had “just over seven hundred Ladybird books”.

With the passing of time that number has increased. Increased to a figure just above the twelve hundred mark – which is probably enough eh?

To be honest although the facts of the situation would suggest otherwise I’m quite a low rent collector, in so much that most of the books I own have been gleaned from charity shops or car boot sales, rather than everybody’s favourite internet auction site. That said I am a visitor to the site in question but mainly in my search of (disappointingly scare) Ladybird Book ephemera.

So you can perhaps understand how pleased I was to stumble across a number of untouched Ladybird Book Workbooks in a shop in Harrogate a few months back. The Workbooks were produced for children to use alongside the enormously popular Key Words Reading Scheme series, and the ones I found were particularly handsome copies of the 70s reprint with spectacularly colourful artwork most unlike what you’d normally expect from the folk at Wills & Hepworth.

That said, what I’m really after is a cardboard box . . .

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