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Seaside Snaps


According to this recent piece in The Independent, Hunstanton is the 9th most popular seaside town in 2019. The cynic in me suggests that the locations listed are probably in reasonable proximity to a Best Western hotel, given that they are responsible for the research, but I’m sure that can’t possibly be the case. However […]

I do love a pier. In fact I have to be honest and say that a holiday without a visit to a least one of Britain’s remaining piers never really feels like a holiday. I managed to miss outlining details of our recent expedition back to the “the finest seaside resort in Western Europe”, and in fact […]

We didn’t really plan today because we assumed the weather would be as suggested and thus be pretty dismal, however despite the forecasters protestations it improved no end. We started of in Dartmouth, admittedly in the rain and after a somewhat cursory wander round, (albeit with a quick hello to the inventor of pre-formed poured-concrete houses), we […]

I’d been looking forward to visiting to Southend-On-Sea, unfortunately it was a bit of a disappointment. To me it seemed a strangely disjointed town, not sure whether it’s a seaside location with a town attached or a town with a seaside location attached. I couldn’t decide which it was but when we parked up on […]