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Much as I love the game of football I have to admit to being a fair weather supporter. However one aspect of the game I love more than any other is the ceremony involved in the reading of the classified football results each Saturday afternoon. So it was sad to hear earlier this year the […]

Was stuck somewhere I would rather have not been earlier in the week, the upside was that I got to catch up on some reading – including the latest issue of When Saturday Comes. Highlight of the current issue was a wonderful match report from Taylor Parkes with just the loveliest final paragraph I’ve read in a good […]

I don’t know when football stickers were first introduced to the world however they were first introduced to my world in 1981. I can’t recollect what the title of the sticker collection was, back in those days we still had the First Division proper, however I can recollect that the last sticker I needed to […]

A sad day for King’s Lynn. As over one hundred and thirty years after King’s Lynn Football Club was formed the club was today been wound up in the High Court as a result of mounting debts including £70,000 owed to HMRC. Admittedly I wasn’t a regular visitor so perhaps I’m as much to blame […]

Yesterday was a great day. My nephew has been playing football for Cambridge Utd for a few months now, having been ‘scouted’ at a local football tournament. He loves football, currently it’s his entire world. So yesterday was a highlight for him (and me) as he’d moved up to the top level for his age […]

Well he was at Wells-next-the-Sea last night.

On the 11th August 2009 I blogged about the beginning of the football season and that after one game Norwich’s position was as below. Now forty four games later we find ourselves in . . . well exactly the same position, with one game to go and the ability to influence our future now out […]