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On Friday night, Magoo are celebrating their 25th birthday at the Norwich Art’s Centre, and whilst there’s always more to be said in looking forwards rather than backwards, it seems a more than appropriate point to briefly return to a moment that is now a somewhat indistinct memory. – Back in a time when the […]

Today is Delia Derbyshire Day – a day to the celebrate “the late great Delia Derbyshire (1937-2001) – a pioneer of electronic music in England in the 1960’s”. Delia was born in England in the 1930s and after successfully completing a degree in mathematics and music at Cambridge she sought work with Decca records, where […]



Today would have been the 75th birthday of Mr John Robert Parker Ravenscroft, known to most as Mr John Peel. If you’ve visited here before you may have caught my ramblings about John in respect of my work with the wonderful Magoo and in particular my efforts to get their second single played on the […]

In order to take the picture above earlier this year (over at Happisburgh in Norfolk) I rose just after four in the morning to take the short drive to the coast. Minutes later I was stood on the beach watching the sun rise. I awoke at an almost identical time this morning to find the sun wasn’t scheduled […]

Another release from Clay Pipe Music, and another very fine one at that. This time Shapwick, an LP from Jon Brooks – a record of pastoral electronica, short instrumentals and field recordings, which arrives in a, customarily for Clay Pipe Music, beautifully designed sleeve by Frances Castle. It’s a difficult record to describe, (especially given that “talking […]

Clay Pipe Music is a record label, (is that what we still call them?), run by the illustrator Frances Castle to allow her to “release the music she loves – and indulge her passion for design and illustration”, and although that sounds like a reasonably straightforward idea I’ve rarely seen it delivered so successfully. I […]

I don’t buy nearly enough music nowadays – partly because the only record shop in my local town is the painfully soulless HMV, and partly because digital ‘ownership’ seems to largely negate the need for physical ownership. So it’s great to find that there are people out there producing some beautifully put together together records which are […]