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News of a new art gallery opening in my hometown is something to be celebrated, it’s not a common occurrence. Reporting on the news last week the local press seemed less convinced. “Visitors to the new GroundWork gallery in Lynn will be forgiven for doing a double-take as they come through the front door. For there […]

If like me you’ve missed listening to the dulcet tones of Charlotte Green over on BBC Radio 4 there was a chance to hear her make a fleeting return in the first “audio intervention” last Monday as part of the short Open Air series – featuring a number of three minute pieces, or as they’d prefer “interventions”, from artists commissioned by […]

Over the last week I’ve spent more time than I really wanted to at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge. To be honest I suppose no one finds themselves wanting to spend more time there but such is the nature of these things. Thankfully it appears to be staffed by some remarkably able indiviudals who seem determined […]

I’ve loved Grayson Perry’s work for a while (although I haven’t seen much in the flesh other than a wonderful exhibition called ‘The Charms Of Lincolnshire’ which I saw (perhaps understandably) at The Collection in Lincoln) so when I was stuck at Lakeside last week I bought this to read given that (a) I’d almost […]

  Bought a bundle of Tate Magazine magazines from Charity Shop Inc. which included this great article by Peter Blake on an A-Z of ‘found’ letters.

Whilst I was hidden away in the cultural wilderness that was the Birmingham Metropole I came across a leaflet for the Ikon Gallery advertising a Martin Creed exhibition with this wonderful picture of a piece that goes by the equally wonderful name of “Different kind of cactuses, sorted by height” (Work No 587). Which reminded […]