Collecting Collections


As a collector of far too many things, Roo Reynolds’ recent excellent blog post on collecting explains an awful lot. I’ve never really considered why I collect what I collect because I think that travelling down roads such as those is probably a dangerous business and to be honest I don’t need any additional help in the navel gazing department. So when Roo explains what he believes collecting is all about it’s all quite reassuring:

“And that’s the point. It isn’t about making something useful. Making or collecting something is not always about getting your day job done directly. Yes, it might help develop your taste, and it might even be beautiful in its own right, but the real benefit is letting your subconscious mind unwind. Not with something too taxing (or the stress returns), and not something too easy (otherwise your mind will wander). The perfect hobby is something that requires just enough attention for your conscious mind to become occupied with something interesting but unimportant, freeing your subconscious to wander around solving problems.”

As an aside don’t go looking for Collectors World, like the Electric Banana it’s not there anymore.

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