Recollections Of Freddie Garrity


Whilst the lady of the house was out watching a certain North London team start their season (albeit a little late), I decided to venture to Collector’s World – a “fascinating and unique experience”,  and perhaps more importantly only a few miles from home.

As soon as I had arrived I realised that I’d made a terrible error. Not in coming, but in not coming sooner, because it’s just a fantastic place.

Essentially it’s another (on the back of the recent visit to The Cotswold Motoring Museum) collection of out-buildings rammed full of stuff – and by stuff I mean well stuff – prams, dolls, tins, tie-pins, radios, computers, cars, bottles, hoovers, bus tickets, telephones, almost anything and everything – think of it and there’s probably an example available to view. It seems that Eric St. John-Foti (King or Collector’s World) keeps and houses everything that’s ever been given to him and a whole heap of stuff that he’s actively acquired himself, (I particularly liked the various hand written tags stating “donated by the family of Miss X” or “rescued from a skip by Mr Y”).

The random and  eclectic nature of the collection along with the slightly ramshackle  set up  meant there was just so so much to see and as a result I’m going to need to go back (and soon) to really enjoy it to its full. Meanwhile the photographs I took will at least confirm that I didn’t make it up – and why would I make up a room dedicated to Freddie Garrity.

(I didn’t get any pictures of the Dicken’s Experience (which is attached to Collector’s World) because a) on one of the hottest days of the year a dark enclosed Victorian street scene wasn’t a place to linger over  b) I was concerned I might die at the hands of one of many random rotating glitter balls c) it was more than a little frightening.)

[The Pink Room, an “affectionate tribute to Dame Barbara“, the Liza Goddard corner is just off picture to the right, ahem.]

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