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If you’ve missed the first five volumes of Speechification then further context can be found elsewhere, specifically: here for Volume 001 (you have to start somewhere), here for Volume 002 (adventures in sound), here for Volume 003 (the cold war), here for Volume 004 (the flatlands), and here for Volume 005 (Mr Richard Dawson). Volume #6 features three pieces of […]

A year ago today I posted the text below along with a couple of pictures of Dunstanburgh Castle (including the one above). The view of the castle across Embleton Bay is one which I’ve had the chance to enjoy many times over the years, and as panoramas go I think it’s one that’s going to be […]

The Dark North


Well if the handsome coast at Embleton Bay in Northumberland was good enough for Mr Joseph Mallord William Turner then it’s good enough for Mrs Weir and I.  To be frank there aren’t many places I’d up sticks from dear old Norfolk for but in another life I’d be happy to trade my time on […]