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Back To Nature


Whilst I’m an enormous fan of the changing seasons (and the transition from summer into autumn in particular) my little grey cells always suffer from the lack of sunlight available to me at this time of year. The one and only thing that seems to help remedy this situation is immersing myself in the great […]

This time last year I ventured out into the Fens to visit the Straw Bear Festival in Whittlesey – it’s a tremendous event and I can’t recommend it enough. I was due to go again this morning (with a somewhat reluctant guest) but the given that the weather had moved from incessant snow to incessant […]

Tuesday was spent (somewhat) in Cambridge. The morning / afternoon involved in some decidedly dry (albeit quiet useful) discussions around the minutiae of housing policy at the (very warm) Cambridge Rugby Club (a place I wouldn’t normally find myself). And then a flying visit to Jesus College to see the ‘Sculpture in the Close 2009’ […]

An evening of good company and fine musical entertainment. The company was provided by a man who writes about golf for the Financial Times (amongst many other things) and the musical entertainment by the Cruiser Chimps – who were very loud and very good, (although to be honest I only saw them soundcheck), The Middle […]