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What A World


Just over a month since writing about ‘the all embracing gloom that is January’ and  I’m still struggling. I used to be able to manage my mental state through the winter darkness much more easily than I seem to be able to do now, although I suppose to be fair to myself the background whine […]

If like me you’ve missed listening to the dulcet tones of Charlotte Green over on BBC Radio 4 there was a chance to hear her make a fleeting return in the first “audio intervention” last Monday as part of the short Open Air series – featuring a number of three minute pieces, or as they’d prefer “interventions”, from artists commissioned by […]

Radio Radio


Today is World Radio Day – and I love radio. According to the slightly underwhelming official website “World Radio Day seeks to raise awareness about the importance of radio, facilitate access to information through radio and enhance networking among broadcasters.” So given that I’m unlikely to enhance much networking or facilitate any significant access I suppose […]

Well forty years ago today Mr Daniel Weir made his first appearance. According to The Guardian the main stories of that day included promises by Prime Minister Heath on action on “cars for haemophiliacs”, (no I don’t either), and concerns regarding the use of nudity in an advertising campaign advising people to wash regularly, (yes […]

Some days everything seems to connect. It started with a short piece by David Hepworth entitled “I envy the people who stay late at the beach” about remembering as a child “looking out of the window of hotel dining rooms and seeing a handful of kids still out there playing, the whole beach to themselves” […]

This time last year I ventured out into the Fens to visit the Straw Bear Festival in Whittlesey – it’s a tremendous event and I can’t recommend it enough. I was due to go again this morning (with a somewhat reluctant guest) but the given that the weather had moved from incessant snow to incessant […]

Fabulous news ! I managed to secure a couple of tickets for Interesting 2009 earlier today – when the first batch of one hundred went on sale today. Interesting 2008 was one of the highlights of last year so I wouldn’t have missed the chance to get to this year’s event for the world. There […]