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In an attempt to avoid filing away some of the more recent acquisitions to the ephemera archive here at Weir HQ quite so quickly, I’m going to try and get a little better at showing and telling. Partly as an aide-memoire to myself, and partly because some additions to the collection are well worth sharing. […]

Day #07 A day forecast clear of rain saw us return to Dublin – and after getting embroiled momentarily behind the scenes at the Fruit & Vegetable Market we parked up and found our way into town. As we were still new to the Republic of Ireland’s capital city and unlikely to return in the […]

Hold You Hard


Good to see that the Norfolk dialect is alive and well.

Russell’s mention of Interesting NYC reminded me that I haven’t written up all my notes (which is unforgivable). And also introduced me to this wonderful piece of film that appears on the Interesting NYC homepage. Which led me to here and in turn to this. 

A few days away starting with a visit to White Horse Hill at Uffington. I’ve been before but forgot how acutely angled the horse is – we actually got a better view later that day thanks to the wonders of television and the work of Andrew Marr.   We then drove over to Avebury, as […]