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A few years ago there was a corner of the world wide web called Speechification. According to those behind Speechification, it was “A blog of Radio 4. Not about Radio 4 but of it. We point to the bits we like, the bits you might have missed, the bits that someone might have sneakily recorded. And other […]

This Is That


Haven’t blogged for an age, which is a shame because doing so makes me a marginally saner human being. So I was cheered on reading a recent blogpost from Russell Davies, to find that I’m not wholly alone: “If I haven’t blogged for a while I get a bit blocked because all the tiny blog size […]

I have an enormous amount to thank Anne Ward for. After all if it wasn’t for her (and it must be said, her Newspaper Club colleague Mr Russell Davies) I probably wouldn’t be writing here. That may seem largely insignificant (and yes I know what that sounds like but I’m not digging for compliments, or laying the blame elsewhere, I’m just […]

Found out about this initially from Russell Davies over on his blog and then yesterday James Bridle wrote about it in The Observer, so I don’t think I need to add my recommendation to the discussions, however I’m going to. Fish is an application for the iPhone and it’s not like anything else I’ve come […]

I found out about the above exhibition before we went away to Ireland and I thought that I’d missed the opportunity to go along so was really pleased that after looking back upon my return I noticed that I’d got the dates wrong. So after a morning of somewhat mundane activities – obviously you’re entitled […]



For many years I worked for Her Majesty’s Civil Service. Somewhat by choice but to be honest mostly out of an almost chronic lack of ambition and to be really really honest because Texas Homecare turned me down. Anyway life in the Civil Service was interminably dull (even for someone with said lack of ambition) […]

And so we arrive at the last session of the day, this time MC’d by Ken Hollings (who appeared as a speaker last year). #29 Mark Earls opened the fourth session with his impromptu ‘Darwinian Display Team’ who helped him demonstrate the concept of random drift. #30 Robert Thomas gave a demonstration of RjDj, and […]