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On Friday night, Magoo are celebrating their 25th birthday at the Norwich Art’s Centre, and whilst there’s always more to be said in looking forwards rather than backwards, it seems a more than appropriate point to briefly return to a moment that is now a somewhat indistinct memory. – Back in a time when the […]

If I had an ounce of the talent that Mr Rory McVicar has I would be a very happy man. As ever don’t take my word for it go and have a look at the (beautifully simple) video that he’s just made available for Bury Me With The Others, available on Another Sleepless Night, a record […]

Given my recent obsession with Lego my mind has been concentrating on things highly coloured and largely geometric of late so given that the finishing line has now been crossed in respect of the ‘One Hundred Days’ project I have the opportunity to blather on about some stuff that I really should have blathered about […]

It’s late and I’ve just got back from seeing Rory McVicar play deep inside The Forum in Norwich. How I’ve managed to leave it this long before seeing him live is a question I shall be asking myself a great deal in the next few weeks because now that I have I shall move heaven […]