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A few years ago there was a corner of the world wide web called Speechification. According to those behind Speechification, it was “A blog of Radio 4. Not about Radio 4 but of it. We point to the bits we like, the bits you might have missed, the bits that someone might have sneakily recorded. And other […]

It’s been many years since I’ve bought any records that I thought I should buy in favour of those that I actually want to, and the latest LP to join the limited, but select, collection at Weir HQ is no exception to that. These Are The Good Times is a new album produced by the fine people […]



A few days ago I noticed this tweet from Bowbrick wander by on tweetdeck : #radio4 fans! Don’t forget to listen to Analysis at 2030 Thurs and tweet along using #tag #goodradioclub 1:25 PM Feb 25th from web So being a admirer of Radio 4, Twitter and Bowbrick I decided to listen in (and […]