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Well it’s all over now. I spent last Wednesday aka day one hundred travelling down to London to visit (and exhibit in) ‘The Museum Of 100 Days’ and perhaps more importantly to meet a whole host of people I’d never met before, people who over the last one hundred days had been doing some amazing […]



One hundred days ago I noticed the tweet above from @mondoagogo. I had no idea what #100days was so I wandered over to the website and found out that : From 1 December 2009, Josie Long cordially invites you to pledge to do one thing every day for 100 days in a bid to generally […]

Counting down.

Well we’re almost there, only three more days after today. Today the sun was shining and I’ve managed to catch up (once again). So we have numbers #093 and #094 above and elsewhere numbers #091, #092, #095, #096 and #097.

Unfortunately due to having been incredibly busy and under the weather over the last couple of weeks I’ve been enormously tardy with regard to my ‘100 Days’ pledge – it’s not that I haven’t been keeping to my pledge it’s just that I haven’t had the chance to photograph what I’ve made – as I’ve […]

Trying to catch up and post the last few days efforts. Above is day #077 which pays homage to Carley who pledged to “do 100 sit ups”. Followed by #078 which is another loose tribute to several 100 Dayers who have pledged haikus of various kinds – this time a Lego based haiku homage ie […]

Well the week of plagiarism continues. To start with is an effort above paying homage to James Clayon’s pledge of ‘One Hundred Mythical Creatures in Haiku’. I bring you the Legoasauras : Post-box red and a yellow head with blank empty eyes, and wheels as well ! Actually more difficult than I thought because I’m […]