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Print To The People is “an artist-led, social enterprise dedicated to the production and promotion of traditional printmaking processes, established in 2009” and based in the fine city of Norwich. I’ve been aware of what they do for a while now, but it wasn’t until this weekend that I got to finally have a look at their […]

Unless you live within the confines of the fine city of Norwich you’re unlikely to come across the John Jarrold Printing Museum by accident. To begin with it’s pretty well hidden, located as it is in the depths of St James Mill, a Grade 1 listed building originally built as part of Norwich’s textile trade in […]

An evening of good company and fine musical entertainment. The company was provided by a man who writes about golf for the Financial Times (amongst many other things) and the musical entertainment by the Cruiser Chimps – who were very loud and very good, (although to be honest I only saw them soundcheck), The Middle […]

A Secret Garden


A day in Norwich – a fine city. For a variety of reasons including a desire to visit the Plantation Garden – a little known Victorian garden hidden away near the Catholic cathedral. Apparently it seems that in 1856, a prosperous upholsterer and cabinet maker living in Norwich, took a long lease on an industrial site […]

I no longer go to school (although as each day passes the need to return increases) and no one in my house does either so I don’t know if the above is an unusual sight (or not) at a school near you ? Whichever it is I think it’s great. The school in question was […]