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Foggy Notion


In an attempt to subvert the trend elsewhere I’m going to try to increase the frequency of my blog posts by embracing the concept of brevity. So hello from the impossibly murky North East where Mrs Weir and I have been enwrapped in thick fog for the last few days.

True North


After events last Friday resulted in the local geography remaining a very disappointing but perhaps not entirely surprising hue, the tremendous Mrs Weir and I decided to spend some time in the People’s Republic of the North East. As ever our time in Northumberland was hugely enjoyable, although it would been better still had Mrs Weir […]

A year ago today I posted the text below along with a couple of pictures of Dunstanburgh Castle (including the one above). The view of the castle across Embleton Bay is one which I’ve had the chance to enjoy many times over the years, and as panoramas go I think it’s one that’s going to be […]

Whilst in the wilds of Northumberland I also got to spend a little time admiring one of my favourite buildings in Newcastle. Originally called Swan House*, it now rather sadly goes by the hideous name of 55 Degrees North. Built in the late 1960s and designed by Robert Matthew Johnson-Marshall & Partners (that’s Robert Matthew of […]

The Dark North


Well if the handsome coast at Embleton Bay in Northumberland was good enough for Mr Joseph Mallord William Turner then it’s good enough for Mrs Weir and I.  To be frank there aren’t many places I’d up sticks from dear old Norfolk for but in another life I’d be happy to trade my time on […]

The Puffin Club


Another trip to the North. Although in deference to Mrs Weir we also managed a short overseas jaunt. We’ve sat and admired the Farne Islands on previous visits to Northumberland however have never got around to actually visiting them so given the largely clement weather we thought we’d remedy that. And as you can see […]

As ever with time away from home it’s been just over seven days since we were in Northumberland and it already feels like it was weeks ago. So rather than blather on as ever about our time in the most Northern county of England, because it’s unlikely I could do it much justice, I’ll just […]