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Myth Or Legend


While Mrs Weir was elsewhere celebrating (somewhat) the beginning of the end of Le Professeur, Mrs Weir Snr. and I travelled the short distance required to see Damien Hirst at Houghton Hall. Although I wasn’t entirely convinced by what was on offer from the UK’s richest living artist (I’m sure he’ll struggle on regardless), there were some […]

I wrote the blogpost below over five years ago. And since then I’ve become considerably less convinced that I am in fact invincible. Despite the encouraging words of the estimable Mrs Weir, whose positivity should probably be made available on the National Health, I sometimes find my enthusiasm for what life has to offer less than impressive for someone […]

Distant Voices


A few months before my maternal grandmother died in 2011 I recorded her talking with the lovely Mrs Weir. I’m not wholly sure why I did, I think I was just idly tinkering with my phone and stumbled upon the Voice Memos application. The recording I made is only around seven minutes long but I don’t […]

Many years ago I made a decision that I’ve never regretted, not for a moment. It would have been nice in the subsequent years to have made another but one is more than enough. And as I’m not nearly as poetic as I’d like to be I’ll toast that decision with some words from the […]

In The City


  A trip to London, England to celebrate the occurrence of Mrs Weir’s 40th birthday, and other than the inauspicious efforts of a collection of gentleman from the North of the city, it did us proud.     One unexpected highlight of the visit to the capital was a darkened room at the Tate Modern […]