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I intended to do some exploring last weekend; however, a viral infection of my upper respiratory tract meant that my time in deepest darkest Sherwood Forest (and its environs) was somewhat short-lived. I did manage to make it into Nottingham to shuffle around in the rain for a few hours, where I picked up some very […]

I’ve already mentioned the mighty fine ‘Concretopia – A Journey around the Rebuilding of Postwar Britain’ by Mr John Grindrod elsewhere, but as yesterday was the official publication day it seems only right to give it another plug. And for those lucky enough to reside in our capital city, yesterday also saw John being interviewed by […]

The coastal fringes of Norfolk aren’t where you’d perhaps expect to find the “world’s very first new brutalist building” designed by “two of the most controversial figures in modern British architecture, Peter and Alison Smithson”, however despite your expectations that’s what you would find. Hunstanton Secretary Modern as it was originally named (somewhat coincidentally it’s […]

Having come back from the delights of Devon a couple of weeks ago I’ve been digging around the darker recesses of the interweb trying to fill some of the many gaps in my knowledge – and yes I know that’s a hopelessly lost cause but you have to try eh ? The main gap in […]