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Some people never seem to put a foot wrong. In this instance it’s the very fine people working at Asbury & Asbury. As once again they’re responsible for another beautifully put together object – this time a simple but tremendously handsome A6 notebook. Taking a mild obsession about international standard paper sizes and British A roads (two things […]

More books for you. The first is ‘Mapping The Roads’, a handsome book from Mike Parker on, perhaps unsurprisingly, the history of the mapping of Britain’s roads – which as a man moderately obsessed with the world of cartography was always going to be of interest to me. It’s a hugely thorough and beautifully illustrated […]

Show Me Magic


As I get older my ability to deal physically with the darker seasons diminishes, (depsite my inherent love of all things autumnal), and this year the incoming gloom seems to have embraced me even prior to the clocks returning to their post summer time positioning. So I’m deeply thankful to the number of people who have […]

A while ago, (see above), I got the chance to see some great photographs by Sam Mellish over at the Babylon Gallery in Ely which celebrated “observations of traditional roadside services throughout East Anglia”. I really enjoyed the exhibition so am glad to have stumbled across news that he’s back at the Babylon Gallery from today […]



Time seems to rattle along at an increasingly alarming rate resulting in all sorts of great stuff being missed. So in an effort to catch up I need to refer you to the latest wonderful print from Theo Simpson which I’ve abused terribly above, sorry Theo. It’s a great print and now I just need […]

As ever there’s just so much great stuff going on out there – and as ever a lot of it, like this, comes via Joe Moran’s blog which rarely fails to raise interest. Pam Flett Press is, (and I’ll quote here because there’s obviously been quite some thought gone into these words), a “new independent […]

Sometimes a whole host of things seem to connect – so forgive this abundance of links posing as a blogpost. The above photograph was taken whilst I wandered around the empty car parks surrounding the Metropole Hotel in Birmingham – I was there for a conference with work which wasn’t doing a great deal for […]