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I missed Interesting earlier in the year because Mrs Weir and I were being alarmed by high sided verges in Devon, so I was inordinately pleased to be able to make it to Boring on Saturday. If you are unaware of the joys of Boring then let me refer you to the words of Mr […]

You Are Here


I live a fairly ordinary life, albeit an extraordinarily enjoyable and lucky one. And as a result of this I am somewhat prone to daydream, to imagine other almost parallel worlds layered atop the one I clock in and out of.  I don’t necessarily mean parallel worlds constructed by an overly florid imagination but those […]

And so we arrive at the last session of the day, this time MC’d by Ken Hollings (who appeared as a speaker last year). #29 Mark Earls opened the fourth session with his impromptu ‘Darwinian Display Team’ who helped him demonstrate the concept of random drift. #30 Robert Thomas gave a demonstration of RjDj, and […]

So back to the lovely Conway Hall for another Interesting. After (the now obligatory ?) Final Countdown singalong Russell wandered on to say hello and to give various thanks to various people including (perhaps most importantly) a salute to those who had brought home made cake. And then without any further ceremony Interesting09 began. #01 […]

Fabulous news ! I managed to secure a couple of tickets for Interesting 2009 earlier today – when the first batch of one hundred went on sale today. Interesting 2008 was one of the highlights of last year so I wouldn’t have missed the chance to get to this year’s event for the world. There […]

Russell’s mention of Interesting NYC reminded me that I haven’t written up all my notes (which is unforgivable). And also introduced me to this wonderful piece of film that appears on the Interesting NYC homepage. Which led me to here and in turn to this.