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Show Me Magic


As I get older my ability to deal physically with the darker seasons diminishes, (depsite my inherent love of all things autumnal), and this year the incoming gloom seems to have embraced me even prior to the clocks returning to their post summer time positioning. So I’m deeply thankful to the number of people who have […]

Dear Jonny


January has been a bit of a wash out. To be fair it doesn’t have the easiest of tasks but boy this year it’s really been making very little effort. Highlights have been few and far between, however the new collaboration between Norman Blake and Euros Childs, under the name of Jonny, has been a […]

Congratulations to Anne at I Like on her / it’s eighth birthday, easily one of the most enjoyable, interesting and informative corners of the internet. If you never visited I Like then according to Anne (and I can vouch for her) you can expect some of the following : “dilapidation, seaside towns, modernism, patterns, classic […]

Some time ago I wrote : “I’ve been waiting to post this for a while now because it may be appearing elsewhere on the internet, however as a couple of people have asked me about my visit I thought I’d put it here at digyourfins for the moment as well. If it does appear elsewhere […]

I mentioned (thanks to Anne I Like) the special ‘Celebration of Postman’s Park’ being presented by the Watts Gallery and it’s now slowly filtered through to the papers. This piece in The Times talks of the event and of the newly unveiled memorial to Mr Leigh Pitt.

When we were last in London we wandered through the city from our hotel on the Edgware Road to The British Museum. Because the weather was so pleasant we wandered somewhat aimlessly and as such came across the remains of the old Middlesex Hospital : “This was a great find. When I’ve been past on […]

Capital City


The first trip of the year, to London. We arrived mid morning on Saturday (after a somewhat circuitous route) and spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon ambling across central London to The British Museum, passing Charles Babbage in blue plaque form and Anthony Gormley in the flesh (rather than in bronze) and […]