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And so we arrive at the last session of the day, this time MC’d by Ken Hollings (who appeared as a speaker last year). #29 Mark Earls opened the fourth session with his impromptu ‘Darwinian Display Team’ who helped him demonstrate the concept of random drift. #30 Robert Thomas gave a demonstration of RjDj, and […]

When we were last in London we wandered through the city from our hotel on the Edgware Road to The British Museum. Because the weather was so pleasant we wandered somewhat aimlessly and as such came across the remains of the old Middlesex Hospital : “This was a great find. When I’ve been past on […]

– The Secret Life of the Motorway is being repeated once again on BBC Four and with justification because it’s just great – a three part documentary which plots the rise (and fall ?) of the motorway in the UK. The first two are particularly good with some beautiful footage of mostly empty roadways and […]