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Good Lobsters


When Daniel Defoe visited Cromer he was underwhelmed, “Cromer is a market town close to the shore of this dangerous coast. I know nothing it is famous for except good lobsters.” I visited last Saturday and whilst I can confirm that Cromer is still a town close to the shore of the coast, I can’t vouch […]

The reason that this post is here is all explained elsewhere. I was going to start this by blathering on about how much I love the city of Norwich as a preamble to my list of King’s Lynn’s delights – this was in some small part because of the assertion on it’s signage that it’s […]

A hot cloudless day yesterday so I decided to hide away in the church next door, well I say church – actually the Chapel of St Nicholas (I don’t know what the difference is and having just googled it I’m still none the wiser). Anyways the Chapel was originally built in 1146 and is seemingly […]