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It seems an awful long time ago now that Mrs Weir and I ventured in the eastern end of London to attend the world’s foremost sporting competition, so it was good to return along with Mr Weir Snr to the first major event at the Lee Valley VeloPark – which only months before was the […]

I think it was Mr Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones who on the band’s 25th anniversary summed up their career as having been “five years of playing and twenty years of waiting around”. Were he a fan of cycling road races I think he would have considered his time in the Stones well spent because the ratio for […]

I have today off work to sort out a few bits and pieces so thought I’d take the opportunity to wander down to the end of my street (actually a little further, but not much further) to catch a quick sight of the Tour Of Britain. And quick it was – as you can tell […]