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Off The Map


I like to think there is a certain amount of rhyme in my reason, although it appears that despite that belief I’m often still sat here staring into space. Others make far more sense of it than me. Gavin Pretor-Pinney, founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society, in a TED talk entitled Cloudy with a Chance of Joy, justifies […]

Following on from a conversation with a colleague about the joys of repetition I’ve decided to try and complete a collection of three hundred and sixty five cloud based photographs, again. I’ve largely failed in my previous attempts, in 2009 I managed a creditable 197 successive days and then in 2010 I did better still chalking […]



“We don’t normally look at light. We’re generally looking at something light reveals.” For those of you who stop by here from time to time you’ll perhaps be aware that I’ve already documented my enjoyment of staring into space on more than one occasion – and as member of The Cloud Appreciation Society I’ve also expressed my love […]

I look up at the skies an awful lot – those who know me well know I’m perhaps unnaturally interested in clouds. So the last few days have been strange thanks to happenings elsewhere. Normally congested skies are temporarily free of the contrails that appear even in the wilds of East Anglia and seemingly as […]

Silver Linings


A Sunday afternoon spent in the quintessentially English pursuit of discussing the weather. We travelled to Tattershall Castle in the heart of Lincolnshire to attend a Cloud Appreciation Society event, where Ian Loxley (the Photo Gallery Editor for the Society) was to take ‘us on an informal tour of the afternoon sky’. Rather perversely (given […]

We’re off work for a week, in a fortnight or so, and the first thing planned is a cloud spotting event on Sunday 16th August at the National Trust’s Tattershall Castle with Ian Loxley of the Cloud Appreciation Society. Ian Loxley is known for his many fine cloud based photographs including the legendary ‘Cumulopiggussextoleggus’. Lincolnshire […]

I spent most of yesterday at a football tournament out in the flatlands of Cambridgeshire. As ever there was a lot of waiting around (and Charlie Watt’s thinks he’s had it bad) however that did leave an awful lot of time for cloud watching – an activity I recommend to you. For the keen amongst […]