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A few years ago there was a corner of the world wide web called Speechification. According to those behind Speechification it was “A blog of Radio 4. Not about Radio 4 but of it. We point to the bits we like, the bits you might have missed, the bits that someone might have sneakily recorded. And other […]

Pigs In Space


I have to admit I don’t listen to a great deal on BBC Radio 3 however the little I do catch is usually very good indeed. One programme I try and keep up with is the excellent Between the Ears, which styles itself rather vaguely as “innovative and thought-provoking features on a wide variety of […]

Some time ago the BBC announced that they had decided to name a wing of Broadcasting House after John Peel. His erstwhile colleague at Radio 1, Andy Kershaw, responded thus : “This is breathtaking hypocrisy and self-serving bogus sentimentality. It is also, to some extent, guilt-driven. Radio 1 was marginalising John just before his death. […]