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Off The Map


I like to think there is a certain amount of rhyme in my reason, although it appears that despite that belief I’m often still sat here staring into space. Others make far more sense of it than me. Gavin Pretor-Pinney, founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society, in a TED talk entitled Cloudy with a Chance of Joy, justifies […]

“Opinionated weather forecasters telling me it’s going to be a miserable day, miserable to who? I quite like a bit of drizzle, so stick to the facts.” Like Nigel Blackwell, who wrote the lines above, I’ve always been a little bemused that meteorologists deviate from the scientific so quickly and easily – because I too enjoy […]

As I get older I suffer more and more acutely as the days grow shorter. Thankfully today it seems we had more sunlight than yesterday – albeit (according to this) just an additional five seconds. That said five seconds is five seconds, so I’m going to celebrate the incoming light and look forward to a less gloomy […]

Following on from a conversation with a colleague about the joys of repetition I’ve decided to try and complete a collection of three hundred and sixty five cloud based photographs, again. I’ve largely failed in my previous attempts, in 2009 I managed a creditable 197 successive days and then in 2010 I did better still chalking […]

Living on the edge of the flatlands does occasionally present Mrs Weir and I with problems we can do little about. One of those problems is the possibility of being introduced to a life aquatic. Normally it’s an unlikely prospect however a low pressure system, high tides and strong northerly winds does if nothing else make the […]

21st June 2015


The plan was to get up this morning at some unearthly hour to raise a proverbial glass to my dad as the sun rose at Happisburgh (at 4:28am), and then very slowly make my way to Heacham on the other side of the county to do the same as the sun set (currently due at 9:27pm). Sadly […]



“We don’t normally look at light. We’re generally looking at something light reveals.” For those of you who stop by here from time to time you’ll perhaps be aware that I’ve already documented my enjoyment of staring into space on more than one occasion – and as member of The Cloud Appreciation Society I’ve also expressed my love […]