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Sunday was my dad’s birthday. And rather than pass on a randomly appropriated gift of potentially limited appeal I decided that a visit to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford for an afternoon of aviation antics was more likely to succeed in providing us with interest and entertainment. So whilst the weather settled slowly into […]

Found out about this initially from Russell Davies over on his blog and then yesterday James Bridle wrote about it in The Observer, so I don’t think I need to add my recommendation to the discussions, however I’m going to. Fish is an application for the iPhone and it’s not like anything else I’ve come […]

Having alluded to my love of pylons previously I came across this wonderful ‘book’ from Theo Simpson, Transmission Towers – which was brought to my attention via the excellent people over at Preston Is My Paris. It’s only been produced as a numbered edition of fifty, but believe you me if you think it looks […]

Not many purchases to speak of during my recent, (and regular), trawls around the local charity shops, however I was really pleased to pick up a copy of New Movement In Cities by Brian Richards last week. To be honest I had no idea of Mr Brian Richard’s status or indeed the fact that during […]

The Delian Mode


I managed to miss blogging on Ada Lovelace day for a variety of reasons, however I did have the best intentions and had planned (at least in my head) to write about Delia Derbyshire – a name I hope means something to you, if not it shortly will. Delia Derbyshire was born in England in […]