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Having not had the need to consult the Highway Code for many years I wondered recently whether it was something that still existed as a thing in the era of “digital by default”. And as it happens it does – in fact according to a popular shopping website the latest edition is a limited one “Celebrating 80 […]

As someone who finds the English motorway system beautiful, if not strange, I was more than happy to pick up a new addition to the Travel section of the steadily increasing library here at Weir HQ. Motorways – As-you-go Maps and Pictures, originally yours for just 75p, is a heavily illustrated introduction to the motorways throughout […]

It’s probably not everyone who’s on the search for publications produced by Her Majesty’s Stationery Office for the Ministry of Transport (Scottish Development Department) on ‘Informatory Signs for use on all-purpose Roads’, which to be honest is just as well, as otherwise I wouldn’t have picked up a copy for next to nothing last week […]

More books for you. The first is ‘Mapping The Roads’, a handsome book from Mike Parker on, perhaps unsurprisingly, the history of the mapping of Britain’s roads – which as a man moderately obsessed with the world of cartography was always going to be of interest to me. It’s a hugely thorough and beautifully illustrated […]

Whilst holidaying in Devon recently I picked up a number of Eye Spy books, with this title, ‘On The Road’, being my favourite. Unfortunately since purchasing the book I’m still undecided on my ‘My Most Unusual Road’ and have yet to find anywhere selling peacocks.    

Given that today is the start of British Tourism Week I think that it’s about time I introduced you to a British visitor attraction that should be featuring much more prominently on the official website, namely Bury St Edmund’s Pillar Of Salt. Having lived in the wilds of East Anglia for nearly all of my […]