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A while ago I bought a copy of ‘The Englishman Who Posted Himself And Other Curious Objects’ by John Tingey. I can’t recall quite why I bought it – I’m assuming it was recommended to me by someone, so if it was you (a) forgive me for not being able to recall your recommendation and (b) thank […]

Really pleased to have picked up this postcard on my recent travels. “I’m having a lovely holiday, but the time is just flying by. The exhibition is really wonderful but it is very tiring walking around with all the crowds. The weather hasn’t been too good but seems to be settling again today. Hope you […]

The latest issue of Coast magazine has alerted me to the fact that the people at the John Hinde Collection are now selling prints of certain digitally restored transparencies, (including the one above). Not sure what to think of them though because it seems wrong to take them out of their original context although given the […]

There’s so many great projects out there on the world wide web and one of my favourites, dawdlr, has just been updated. dawdlr is “a global community of friends and strangers answering one simple question : what are you doing, you know, more generally?” but unlike other folk on the internet who ask similar questions […]



If you’re interested I have a new blog over at – as it happens if you’re not interested it’ll still be there.