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For those of you who’ve been here before you may have seen me rambling on about Simon Roberts’ Election Project. I was intending, a few weeks ago, to go along to a brief exhibition of the project at Portcullis House in Westminster as part of the Open House weekend. Unfortunately events conspired against me and […]

So it seems the future of the King’s Lynn Art’s Centre is temporarily on hold to allow local councillors to get a better understanding of the situation, which begs the question why a decision was made without such understanding. That said given that the Council leader Mr Daubney considers an unused space below the Assembly […]



On the first day of this year The Independent newspaper allowed me to change my occupation to artist, then shortly after I was involved in my first exhibition down in London. So by this point in the year I had fully expected to be in the running for the Turner prize or at the very […]

“The arts allow us to look at ourselves, transport us, surprise us. They allow us to see something unique . . . something different from the latest Hollywood teen-vampire bollocks or reality TV.” This weekend saw the launch of the Save the Arts campaign, which sees a variety of British artists contributing work to help […]

I’ve missed the local papers over the last few weeks, which isn’t a wholly disappointing piece of news. However one of the stories I wasn’t aware of until today is the continuing cultural vandalism occurring thanks to the fine work of my local council.  It seems that according to the Eastern Daily Press, (the local […]

Not sure what to make of Mark Thompson but the fact that he visited Downing Street yesterday carrying an (on view) internal email from “Helen Boaden, the BBC News director, saying that she had had lunch with Andy Coulson, the coalition government’s director of communications, at which he had expressed concern “that we give context […]

After an afternoon of shifting boxes I spent the early evening listening to Mr David Miliband MP, who was in town to put forward his case in respect of the Labour party leadership election. He seemed a charismatic and entirely able young man (although thankfully not as young as me) and worked the room like […]