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Yesterday was my mother’s sixty fifth birthday and whilst I tend to agree with the sentiments of a certain Mr Larkin I think it’s only fair to argue, and perhaps remind myself more regularly, that without them I’d be significantly more fucked up.

Today is, I think, National Poetry Day – and I do like a bit of poetry. Having heard him in fine form on Danny Baker’s show recently John Cooper Clarke seems to be a good start today with here a prescient, (for me), extract from one of his better known, (thanks to Mr Soprano et al), poems. […]

Today is National Poetry Day, a day to celebrate poetry across the UK – and this year’s theme, (because hey we all need a theme), is home. As it happens I do like a bit of poetry so it’s good to be reminded that it’s sat their on the shelf waiting to be read. To […]

A day of poetry. Five years ago a certain Mr Hovis Presley left the building. The winter’s cold The blanket’s hot The wind’s getting up But I’m not Now is the winter of my quite content. If Mr Presley’s name is not familiar to you then I’d suggest you purchase a copy of his wonderful […]

Everyday I think about dying. About disease, starvation, violence, terrorism, war, the end of the world. It helps keep my mind off things. Survivor by Roger McGough from Blazing Fruit (Selected Poems 1967-1987)