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It’s not often I travel to Peterborough for the sake of art. In fact it’s not often I travel to Peterborough for the sake of anything, even though it’s the city most accessible to us at Weir HQ. That’s maybe being impossibly harsh to the “worst place in Britain not to have a car” (according to […]

Following on from a conversation with a colleague about the joys of repetition I’ve decided to try and complete a collection of three hundred and sixty five cloud based photographs, again. I’ve largely failed in my previous attempts, in 2009 I managed a creditable 197 successive days and then in 2010 I did better still chalking […]

Once A Year


More finery from the tremendous folk at Cafe Royal Books. This time a couple of books from founder Craig Atkinson on the Trellick Tower and the Barbican. And thirdly a superfine publication from Homer Sykes, Once a Year: Folklore in Britain Now – which is in essence highlights of his now out of print book published […]

I don’t remember the View-Master ever making an appearance on any of those ‘100 Greatest Toys’ programmes that seem to do the rounds when money (and ideas) are lacking, which is a shame because I was much taken with it as a child and I have to say I’m probably equally as entranced now that […]

A while ago, (see above), I got the chance to see some great photographs by Sam Mellish over at the Babylon Gallery in Ely which celebrated “observations of traditional roadside services throughout East Anglia”. I really enjoyed the exhibition so am glad to have stumbled across news that he’s back at the Babylon Gallery from today […]

The latest issue of Coast magazine has alerted me to the fact that the people at the John Hinde Collection are now selling prints of certain digitally restored transparencies, (including the one above). Not sure what to think of them though because it seems wrong to take them out of their original context although given the […]

Say Cheese


I do like a bit of photography me. However despite my best efforts I’ve never become more than, at best, a competent point and shoot protagonist. I like to kid myself that I could do better were it not for the fact that I have a limited patience when it comes to capturing an image, […]