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01553 828277 0 Calls Jnc Old A17, PCO1, Hay Green Road South, Terrington St. Clement PE34 4PU – While looking through the local paper last week I came a across a full page ‘Notification under section 49(4) of the Communications Act 2003’. This notification details the “proposal by British Telecommunications plc for the removal of […]

I took the picture above earlier today while out at Sculthorpe Moor with Mrs Weir, and it triggered a memory. After checking my records – it always pays to keep meticulous records – I was able to confirm that I took an almost identical photograph on the very same day a year previously.  Scanning further […]

Next The Sea


An early (and misty) start to the day in Cley*. Early in order to avoid the incoming heat and those seeking to embrace it. *Locally pronounced Cly, in the same way as Costessey is Cossy, Wymondham is Wind’m and Happisburgh Hayzbruh. No idea whether other counties have the same desire to confuse however it appears […]

Back To School


-/ the staircase at the end of the entrance-foyer to the assembly hall As I increase in age I fear I repeat myself more often than I used to, so apologies if I’m re-treading old ground. That said repetition isn’t always a bad thing. As I increase in age I fear I repeat myself more […]

Seaside Snaps


According to this recent piece in The Independent, Hunstanton is the 9th most popular seaside town in 2019. The cynic in me suggests that the locations listed are probably in reasonable proximity to a Best Western hotel, given that they are responsible for the research, but I’m sure that can’t possibly be the case. However […]

Back To Nature


Whilst I’m an enormous fan of the changing seasons (and the transition from summer into autumn in particular) my little grey cells always suffer from the lack of sunlight available to me at this time of year. The one and only thing that seems to help remedy this situation is immersing myself in the great […]

Back to Ongar Hill (again). This time as a direct response to Tim Dee’s Into the Wind programme, recently shown on BBC4 – if you’ve not seen it go and watch it now, it’s easily one of best things that’s been broadcast on television this year. In Into the Wind Tim walks from Guy’s Head, at […]