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Unless you live within the confines of the fine city of Norwich you’re unlikely to come across the John Jarrold Printing Museum by accident. To begin with it’s pretty well hidden, located as it is in the depths of St James Mill, a Grade 1 listed building originally built as part of Norwich’s textile trade in […]

Regular readers, (yes I know), will have noticed my recent interest in Mr W S Hersey. Interest that saw me return to the charity shop I originally bought the other papers in to investigate further – and I’m pleased to say I found a little more. Hidden between some books where I’d located the other […]

On the window sill that sits in front of me is an old mantel clock that I bought a few years ago from an auction, it only cost a couple of quid although there’s every chance this was because it doesn’t actually work. The reason I bought it was because of the small plaque that […]

I managed to miss the recent Kenneth Grange exhibition at the Design Museum which was remiss of me. I blame the fact that the museum is South of the river and therefore less obviously available to me whenever I leave the confines of the county to visit our capital city. Thankfully there have been an abundance […]