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A first birthday is always something worth celebrating. In Septemer 2010 I wrote about the possible demise of our local Arts Centre: “The council have all but closed the Guildhall of St George, (other than for external hire – and despite, rather perversely, continuing with repairs to the roof costing around £200,000), so a decision to do the […]

Micro Machines


Having lived in the wilds of East Anglia for my entire life with relatives living outside of Leeds and a sister who went to university in Bradford I must have travelled past the site of the Bubble Car Museum many many times. So what I cannot understand (and yes, I’ve tried to work it out […]

Capital City


The first trip of the year, to London. We arrived mid morning on Saturday (after a somewhat circuitous route) and spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon ambling across central London to The British Museum, passing Charles Babbage in blue plaque form and Anthony Gormley in the flesh (rather than in bronze) and […]

A good day yesterday. Starting with the obligatory Under 10s football – we won 3-1 went top of the league and my nephew scored the opening goal, can’t get much better eh ?   And then followed by a trip to nearby Ely to visit The Stained Glass Museum (and a plethora of charity shops). […]

A day in Peterborough, which meant a detailed search of ways to avoid stepping back into the mid 1980s surroundings of the Queensgate Shopping Centre. The search didn’t gain many results other than the Cathedral, the Peterborough Museum & Art Gallery and Railworld and as I wasn’t in the mood for the Cathedral, have been […]

Whilst the lady of the house was out watching a certain North London team start their season (albeit a little late), I decided to venture to Collector’s World – a “fascinating and unique experience”,  and perhaps more importantly only a few miles from home. As soon as I had arrived I realised that I’d made […]

A quick lunchtime visit to the Lynn Museum in King’s Lynn (with a self confessed clog dancer as it goes) – principally to see “The Home of Seahenge” (which is what the museum has been re-badged as – I think inadvisably). The Seahenge aspect is obviously the lead exhibit at the museum and to be […]