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If you’ve missed Speechification Vol.001 and Vol.002 then further context can be found elsewhere. I won’t repeat myself for a third time because that may alienate the few people who still pay an (intentional) occasional visit. So here are three pieces of radio (and one additional piece of music), two from BBC Radio 4 (albeit one […]

You Are Here


         As a result of trawling through many many photographs looking for something entirely unrelated, I was happily reacquainted with the evidence that whilst I am almost always here, I am often elsewhere too.

And on we go. Albeit with an eye on the past. Before my parents made the inordinately wise decision to move to the fine county of Norfolk they lived in the village of Lidlington in Bedfordshire. Given that they located a fairly short time after I was born I don’t have any real memories of the place, […]



As someone who’s previously confessed to a deal of ambivalence about the joys of travel, it’s perhaps a little contrary of me to now admit to an unhealthy interest in the theory of wandering the world via the medium of maps. In particular maps, like my good self, that are slowly drifting out of use and relevance with age. So a Friday […]

Maps again, albeit a travel guide with a map. This time I’m cruising on the Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal between Autherley Junction to Stourport-on-Seven. If you’re interested in joining me then you can get your copy from British Waterways for the very reasonable price of two shillings. And no I don’t know why the idyllic […]

In Traction


    As you’ll know if you’ve stopped by here previously I do like a map. So I had a hugely successful visit to the local charity shops last week, (and yes there is a theme occurring here – I do spend a great deal of time in charity shops), picking up (amongst others) “Britain […]

You Are Here


I live a fairly ordinary life, albeit an extraordinarily enjoyable and lucky one. And as a result of this I am somewhat prone to daydream, to imagine other almost parallel worlds layered atop the one I clock in and out of.  I don’t necessarily mean parallel worlds constructed by an overly florid imagination but those […]