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If you’ve missed Speechification Vol.001 and Vol.002 then further context can be found elsewhere. I won’t repeat myself for a third time because that may alienate the few people who still pay an (intentional) occasional visit. So here are three pieces of radio (and one additional piece of music), two from BBC Radio 4 (albeit one […]

Eastern Magic


If you know me over and above a cursory viewing of this blog you’ll hopefully already be well aware of the work of Maxim Griffin. Maxim, is one of those horribly talented individuals who appears to use the same tools as many others when creating his art, but somehow finishes up with an end result […]

I’m going to stop starting these increasingly rare posts with an apology for their lack of frequency, partly because that presupposes that there is anybody out there sitting patiently waiting, and partly because it wouldn’t really matter if there was. So, what was intended as an opportunity to reflect on the weeks that were, has […]