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Sunday was my dad’s birthday. And rather than pass on a randomly appropriated gift of potentially limited appeal I decided that a visit to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford for an afternoon of aviation antics was more likely to succeed in providing us with interest and entertainment. So whilst the weather settled slowly into […]

For a few days in the deepest darkest murk of the new year the Fenland town of Whittlesey becomes a baffling mixture of colour and sound in the guise of its Straw Bear festival. The festival is a somewhat modern revival of the ancient Fenland custom celebrating Plough Monday, (the first Monday after Epiphany), the centrepiece […]

It’s not often that comments on this blog feature members of Westlife on drunken escapades, so a recent comment from Harry Overton was most welcome. Harry was actually commenting on a picture, (as above), featured in a post about the delights of my home town, King’s Lynn. He obviously knows his stuff so rather than […]

Had Friday away from the office, which was good, so Mrs Weir and I decided to take afternoon tea out on the North Norfolk coast, with a diversion via the youngest ancient monument in Britain.