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Print To The People is “an artist-led, social enterprise dedicated to the production and promotion of traditional printmaking processes, established in 2009” and based in the fine city of Norwich. I’ve been aware of what they do for a while now, but it wasn’t until this weekend that I got to finally have a look at their […]

As someone who finds the English motorway system beautiful, if not strange, I was more than happy to pick up a new addition to the Travel section of the steadily increasing library here at Weir HQ. Motorways – As-you-go Maps and Pictures, originally yours for just 75p, is a heavily illustrated introduction to the motorways throughout […]

Some people never seem to put a foot wrong. In this instance it’s the very fine people working at Asbury & Asbury. As once again they’re responsible for another beautifully put together object – this time a simple but tremendously handsome A6 notebook. Taking a mild obsession about international standard paper sizes and British A roads (two things […]

Sometimes everything seems connected. Earlier in the week I picked up a bundle of Country Fair magazines from the 1950s – bought largely because of the wonderful cover illustrations by an artist unknown to me, namely John Hanna. Given my unfamiliarity with Mr Hanna’s work I made a note to investigate further. However before I got the chance to utilise the efforts of California’s finest […]

Russell’s mention of Interesting NYC reminded me that I haven’t written up all my notes (which is unforgivable). And also introduced me to this wonderful piece of film that appears on the Interesting NYC homepage. Which led me to here and in turn to this.