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Autumn Almanac


Well despite my protestations about the dying of the light there are many reasons to love autumn.



More colour, this time naturally occurring in the grounds of Weir household.

A quick wander round the more expansive gardens of the locale as part of the Open Gardens weekend in the village.

Which makes a change from blue, eh ?

I’m not one to dismiss somewhere easily but boy Wisbech doesn’t have many redeeming features does it ? Given that it’s brought us such historical luminaries as William Godwin, Thomas Clarkson, Octavia Hill and the Rev. W Awdrey it seems such a shame that it’s become so devoid of charm. That said there are at […]

A short visit to Mrs Weir’s sister’s allotment to help with the harvest.

A Secret Garden


A day in Norwich – a fine city. For a variety of reasons including a desire to visit the Plantation Garden – a little known Victorian garden hidden away near the Catholic cathedral. Apparently it seems that in 1856, a prosperous upholsterer and cabinet maker living in Norwich, took a long lease on an industrial site […]

In Bloom II


Continuing the theme although more literally this time – a short and (hopefully photographically) sweet homage to one of my favourite flowers / plants (I never know about these things as I’m not a horticulturist or an etymologist), the Allium.