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Well it’s not one that I’ve been looking forward to with any great zeal since the death of my dad earlier in the year, but he loved Christmas so we’ve raised a glass to him and carried on regardless. Here’s a photograph from Christmas past, probably 1978/1979 (you’d never guess eh?) showing (from left to […]

In order to take the picture above earlier this year (over at Happisburgh in Norfolk) I rose just after four in the morning to take the short drive to the coast. Minutes later I was stood on the beach watching the sun rise. I awoke at an almost identical time this morning to find the sun wasn’t scheduled […]

For a few days in the deepest darkest murk of the new year the Fenland town of Whittlesey becomes a baffling mixture of colour and sound in the guise of its Straw Bear festival. The festival is a somewhat modern revival of the ancient Fenland custom celebrating Plough Monday, (the first Monday after Epiphany), the centrepiece […]

Aren’t they ?

To be honest I’ve never been much of fan of music festivals, I admit that in the main it’s because I agree with a certain Mr Sartre in so much that “Hell is other people”, particularly crowds of people. In fact the last time I attended a music festival was Reading in 1991 (alarmingly eighteen […]

There are two music festivals occurring this weekend (actually there maybe more however we’ll say two for the sake of argument) namely Lovebox and Latitude. Latitude has Thom Yorke, Nick Cave, The Pet Shop Boys, Magazine, The XX, Saint Etienne, Mark Thomas, Dave Gorman, Simon Armitage, Josie Long, Jon Ronson, Luke Haines and many many […]