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Seaside Special


At the tail end of last week Mrs Weir and I spent a few days in Brighton to celebrate another passing year. And as ever we decided to do so beside the seaside.  

Would have been my dad’s birthday today. Happy birthday dad.



Me and my much loved dad – who died a year ago today. For those of us that remain the world hasn’t been the same without him.

Well it’s not one that I’ve been looking forward to with any great zeal since the death of my dad earlier in the year, but he loved Christmas so we’ve raised a glass to him and carried on regardless. Here’s a photograph from Christmas past, probably 1978/1979 (you’d never guess eh?) showing (from left to […]

21st June 2015


The plan was to get up this morning at some unearthly hour to raise a proverbial glass to my dad as the sun rose at Happisburgh (at 4:28am), and then very slowly make my way to Heacham on the other side of the county to do the same as the sun set (currently due at 9:27pm). Sadly […]

Still maintaining the theme, for a while at least. I’ve been sorting through papers (and photographs – see over the last few weeks and came across a number of certificates my dad had gained through various efforts in his earlier years. Like the photographs they seem impossibly personal, holding a much greater significance than their […]



Me and my much loved dad – who died earlier this morning. For those of us that remain the world’s not going to be the same without him. Bye dad x.